Diploma Video

Here is the link to watch the video I’ve done for my diploma, a kind of “showreel” of my study times! (optionnal; a way to learn After Effect and Premiere Pro….eheheh)

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Hi guys, I finaly updated it after 4 months of busy time! During this time I finished my internship at BMW, worked on my diploma, had my diploma, came back to India to give lectures, then come back to france and it is already 2012!! So I just want to wish you all the best for this new year!

In the updates I added

-some slides of my thesis project done at BMW, I’ll find later a way to upload the full book

-A former Ferrari project (I wasn’t allowed to show it before), and a very short personal project for Peugeot.  All in “car styling” page

-then some speedpaints in “passion drawings” this last’ll certainly be the most updated next times… yep, because I’m no more a student car works will be more and more confidential. So let’s place to the deep passion! the one I wanted to keep as a hobbie!!!!

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first song for this new year; ghostland observatory-vibrate


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from 07/03/11 to 30/09/11

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Feb 11 update

Last updates: – Facel Vega long project done at ISD Pune (india) with 4 indian mates (Varunjeet, Rahul, Madhur, and Tamilanbu; great digital designer!)_ There is no project development for the moment but it’s comming soon, here you can see only a part of the final result.

-Ferrari F750 (for 750kg) A flash project done with Alexandre Labruyere. What can be the downsising by Ferrari?



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New Green GT 24 concept annimation from 3 ISD digital designers!

Design : Baptiste Viry – Thomas Clavet – Julien Sarremejean

3D model : Romuald Lemoine – Mathieu Bouis

Animation : Mathieu Bouis – Guillaume Garnero – Davoud Ohadi

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Updated Portfolio.

Hello Designer’s world, then graphics, artists, painterz, sculptors, movies makers, Cameron Diaz, Car’s freaks, mad inventors and all missed people.

This is my web workshop where you can see my work.

If you want to contact me for any Internship proposal, do not hesitate to look at my profile, I’ll enjoy to answer you.

Take your time and have a look



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